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Privacy Policy
The privacy policy set herein (Agreement) governs your use of DMBestreviews (“the website”, “us” or “we”). By accessing, browsing, reading the information, downloading pages and/or images, or otherwise using the website, you agree to comply with this privacy policy to the latter.

If you otherwise do not agree with this agreement, you should not access, browse, and download pages and/or images, read the information contained on the website or otherwise use the website in any way.

We reserve every to change or otherwise amend any part of this agreement without any prior notice. Each time you use the website in the ways stated above, you agree to be bound by such amendments, modification or alterations of either part or entirety of this agreement.

Therefore, you are accordingly advised to read and comprehend the various parts constituting this agreement and agree accordingly before using the website at any given time.

Collection of Information


When you access, browse, download pages and/or images from the website, or otherwise use the website, we collect information from you using cookies. Cookies are miniature data files stored on your computer’s hard drive when you browse a website. They are intended to hold data that is specific to you and the website and can be accessed by the web server or your computer, allowing the server to deliver a quick, smooth use of the website to you. Whereas the cookie itself does not identify the user, it identifies the device with which you access the website. Cookies do not stay on your computer forever and have an expiry period.

We use cookies to track user behavior such as the pages visited, the amount of time spent on the page and the files accessed. This data is crucial in allowing us to improve the user experience of the website.

If you do not intend to allow the website to store cookies on your computer, you have the ability to so. Whereas mort browsers automatically allow storage of cookies in a user’s computer, you can switch off this setting depending on the browser you are using. Whereas declining cookies do not impede your use of the website, it can in an impactful way affect your experience while using the website. For example, you may note a slower loading of pages each time you access the website since some files which would have otherwise been stored and accessed from your computer have to be downloaded anew each time you access the website.

Third-party Analytics

We use third-party analytics to access and monitor user behavior. Using such analytics, we may be able to access and monitor your IP-address, your location, the specific queries you browse to access the website, the pages you access on the website, how much time you spend on the page, your navigation from one page to another and your clicks on links on the website.

We may use this kind of information to determine the popularity of the website and its pages, improve the quality of content and the user experience, optimize some browsing aspects on the website and analyze visitor metrics.

Affiliate Links

We are participants in the Amazon Services LLC Affiliate Program. It's an affiliate advertising program designed by Amazon to let people participate in recommending products through links to and affiliated websites.


We have a contact email link on the footer of the website through which you can send us an email. When you choose to do so, we will receive your queries, recommendations and/or information you may choose to send us, in addition to your email address.

We use the collection of such information for the purposes of communicating with you and executing any recommendations received from you.

We do not intend to use such information in other ways such as the distribution of content and/or the email addresses received via such means. If you choose to send us an email using the link, you agree to be bound by the agreement governing the use of the information received by the said means.

Information Sharing and Comments

When you decide to submit comments on the articles, we collect details such as your name and email that you input in the comment box fields.

Such personal information is used to verify the commentor and also to send you notifications when you choose to subscribe to comments on the article. The email you use is regarded as private and confidential and shall never be shared with third parties.

Restriction for children under the age of 13 says no to children under the age of 13 logging into the website. In accordance with the US Children's Privacy Protection Act, we do not knowingly collect personal information from children.

Children are as lovely as the growing trees that we nurture. If you are parents and guardians who want to ask the children what plants they like to grow, how to grow, what to buy, please sit with your children, discuss, and adults will order. We hope your family will be happy and excited. If we detect any data of children under the age of 13 logging into the website, we will delete it immediately.